Endorsements From Elected Officials


Fairburn Council-Members Lydia Glaize, Elizabeth Hurst, and Hattie Portis-Jones;


State Rep. LaDawn Blackett Jones;


District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr.,;


Milton Mayor Joe Lockwood;


Milton Council-Members Matt Kunz and Rick Mohrig;


Atlanta Council-Member C.T. Martin; and


Union City Mayor Vince Williams.

Latest News From The Campaign Trail

The election may be over, but the work is not done. I will continue to fight for the citizens of Fulton County. Greater things are yet to come!

Rise and shine! It's a beautiful day. Polls opened twenty-five minutes ago. Time to go vote for Shondeana Crews-Morris!

We have less than 24 hours before the polls open, spread the word to all of your Facebook Friends to vote Crews-Morris.

The campaign needs you. Inbox me if you are available to volunteer on Tuesday. Thank you in advance. Vote Crews-Morris!

Important Dates

20 May

Election Day

22 Jul

Election Runoff

01 Jan

Candidate Takes Office

  • Two And A Half Hours Left

    Two and a half hours left before polls close. It's not too late to vote! If you don't know where, check out the Georgia My Voter Page (Georgia MVP) at http://mvp.sos.state.ga.us

  • Joe Lockwood, Mayor of Milton, has joined State Rep. LaDawn Blackett Jones, District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr., and Atlanta City Councilman C.T. Martin.

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Find out the issues facing the justice system in Fulton County and Shondeana Crews-Morris's plans to help restore the public confidence and trust and to help Fulton's families feel safe and secure.


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Volunteer to help the campaign. We need people to help man phone banks, go door to door to meet our community's citizens, help with fundraising, and to assist in maintaining our social media outlets.


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P.O. Box 4210
Atlanta, Georgia 30302

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Phone: 404.500.SHON (7466)

Media Inquiries: 404.500.7536

Facsimile: 404.873.5577

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